Rollo Reverse Engineering


Definition of reverse engineer

transitive verb

to disassemble and examine or analyse in detail (a product or device) to discover the concepts involved in manufacture usually in order to produce something similar


Rollo can replace old, worn and broken parts. This may be in an industrial or even a heritage location of signifigant local and national interest. See Heritage Section for more details of where reverse engineering can assist.


Rollo can reverse engineer from the original, or what is left of it, to make a replica capable of doing the job as well as the original in its heyday.


Parts that are no longer available in the market place can be manufactured from engineering drawings on paper or CAD format.


Rollo can analyse the best alloy metal components to enhance your product needs for long term reliability and product life.


Rollo will quote and discuss any reverse engineering repair, rebuild and/or replacement to meet your requirements.


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This page is in development and in future we aim to add more before and after pictures of work completed which is not client confidential.


This page currently contains some views of industrial situations where pumps and other engineering parts may be in very tight and difficult to move locations, where reverse engineering is a viable option.